Why They Are The Hard Water Experts For Your RV

Hard water is bad for your home and especially for Motor Coaches and RV's. Jim Roberts & Steve Mayer Owners of Motor Coach Water Filtration are going to describe a brief history of their experience in the water filtration business. Purchasing a small Water Filtration Business in Asheville, North Carolina in 2009, which specialized in removing hard water and iron from well and city water. They built the business using American Made water filtration equipment

Throughout the next eight years helping so many people with their hard water issues for not only home users but also for local businesses, we built up an extensive client base of the homeowners and companies alike. We had installed water softeners and carbon filtration systems at a few of the local microbreweries that were having issues with the city's water quality. The quality of their crafted brew after the install was amazing! So after eight years of successfully building this business we sold it, and now we have decided to use our expert knowledge in hard water by designing an automatic water softener system for RVs and also motor coaches.We also have the same automatic softener in our Motorcoach!

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 Jim Roberts

Article by Mark Quasius

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